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What are Iron-on Transfers: Details you Need to Know

If you are fond of embroidered designs, you must have heard about iron-on transfers. Probably, you have heard about it more than once. But you do not have a clear idea about what it is. That is why you are here to read more about it.

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Do not worry if you have no idea about what a custom iron-on patch is. Like you, there are many people who have no clue regarding it. So, we are here to help. We will tell the details and make sure that you know every essential factor related to iron-on transfers. It is a factor associated with embroidery patches. To dig deep, we can say that it is a way to make the images visible on the fabric. Let’s know more details about custom iron-on patches.

What is an iron-on transfer?

It is the type of image that one can imprint on the fabric. It is mostly imprinted on t-shirts. If you ask for the details of the transfer process, it is like this. One side of the surface is paper and the image is present on the other side. The image will be transferred in the reverse. The images are printed with the help of iron-on transfer ink. You need to place the iron-on transfer on the fabric and press it with an iron. The heat will help to transfer the image to the fabric. It is a popular way to imprint the embroidered patches.

Types of iron-on transfer inks:

Ink is a vital factor for iron-on transfers. Two major types of iron-on transfer inks are- plastisol type and sublimation type. While the plastisol type ink is a thick liquid, sublimation type ink is a dye-like pigment. Transfers made with plastisol ink create flexible images on the fabric. Sublimation ink helps to transfer images on polyester and nylon fabric.

Nowadays, iron-on transfer inks are popular for high-quality embroidery designs. Whenever there is a case of embroidery iron-on patches, different types of inks are used for different types of transfers. If you too plan to buy embroidery patches online, opt for iron-on transfers. Get exclusive designs and enjoy a trendy fashion statement with iron-on custom patches.

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