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Submission Guidelines

Article submission guidelines insures your article approval and inclusion in our article directory. these guidelines are essential to maintain the degree of professionalism we promise our authors, readers and publishers. all of your approved articles will be included in our article directory.

While we understands, supports, and encourages article marketing, we have established for authors to adhere in an effort to offer articles to publishers and readers, which are well written and informative.   

Please study all of the following article submission guidelines carefully and completely. understanding and adhering to the article submission guidelines will insure the acceptance and listing of your article in our article directory.

Article Submission guidelines:

    • Authors submitting articles to be added in our directory will not be compensated in any way, for the writing or submitting of any article.
    • All authors will reserve and retain all copyright to their articles.
    • Authors are allowed to submit an article to one category.
    • All articles are submitted by you should be written /authored by you.
    • We are looking for quality articles that are informational and well thought out.
    • Articles with grammatical or spelling errors will be rejected.
    • Article submission doesn’t mean your article will be automatically accepted and listed in the directory. We have the sole authority to accept or reject any article. as long as your article meets the requirements in these guidelines, your article will be acceptedhowever, if your article is not up to the general standards of our guidelines, you can submit another one for our approval or contact us via email.
  •  If your article is rejected, you can resubmit your article two times only, with errors corrected for approval. if errors are not corrected in the 3rd submission, it will not be reconsidered for approval again.

Article Criteria:

    • Article Title: Maximum up to 20 words. 
    • Keywords: Adding keywords / tags to your article help us to bring more traffic to your article. Make sure that your keywords are separated with comma and are related to your article. Basic Users are allowed to choose only 1 Tag.
  • Article Body: minimum 300 words and maximum 3000 words will be accepted here. Your article body must deliver what is promised in the article title.
  • Category: We allow 1 category per article. We do not expect you to add duplicate contents in different categories repeatedly. Doing such may no more allow you to access our site.
  • Link / Backlink / Hyperlink / Web URL: We accept only one link in the article’s body. Make sure you are adding an URL which represent your business or at lest relevant to your content.
  • Image: We allow 1 featured image with your submission.

Prohibited contents: 

We DO NOT allow articles from following Categories/ Niches / Business / Websites.

Adult content
Dangerous or derogatory content
Recreational drugs and drug-related content
Alcohol-related content
Tobacco-related content
Gambling and games-related content
Healthcare-related content
Hacking and cracking content
Pages that offer compensation programs
Misrepresentative content
Shocking content
Weapon-related content
Content that enables dishonest behavior
Illegal content

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