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Oriental Bedtime Tales, a beautiful collection of 15 unpublished fairy tales

After several children’s books, a collection of oriental fairy tales is published. Oriental Bedtime Tales is a collection of 15 fantastic unpublished stories full of teachings and illustrations, that will enchant your children, taking them into the magical world of fairy tales. Short and even very short stories, intense, exciting, educational, and fun. The 15 fairy tales are enriched with many coloring illustrations, to encourage greater involvement of children.In the end, each fairy tale has its own moral and the stories in the book have the ability to capture the attention of children, teaching them the important values of life and the secrets of millenary oriental wisdom.

Egeria presents the Interview with P.S. Menconi, author of Oriental Bedtime Tales, a beautiful collection of 15 unpublished fairy tales: a magical journey into millenary oriental culture, available on Amazon.

How did this idea come about?
P.S.M .: The millenary oriental culture has always fascinated the people and I have practiced martial arts for a long time. I have always thought that reading to the children fairy tales was a special way to spend precious time with them. And so, tired of always telling classic fairy tales, I had started to invent some stories that, over time, and I collected them in the book Oriental Bedtime Tales.

More about the Oriental Bedtime Tales.
P.S.M .: Oriental Bedtime Tales is a collection of 15 unpublished stories full of teachings and illustrations that will enchant children, taking them into the magical world of fairy tales.
The idea was born with the aim of bringing to the children that culture so rich in teachings. Oriental Bedtime Tales are like some small precious chests with inside the richness of a millenary wisdom that is revealed through the adventures, the courage, the emotions and the generosity of the protagonists stories. Each fairy tale has a moral and offers a small lesson. I hope, they can give some moments of joy and serenity to adults and children.

Let’s talk about the future.
P.S.M .: I am already working on new fairy tales dedicated to music, full of engaging adventures and that will give to the readers, young and old, deep emotions! To return to the present and to the Oriental Bedtime Tales, enjoy the reading!

Values contained in the 15 Oriental Fairy Tales: Determination, Wisdom, Honesty, Humility, Loyalty, Constancy, Justice, Gratitude, Respect and Positivity

This is a collection of great children’s readings. This can be a staple for your home library. The stories are engaging and fun for all ages. This is a book to read and share. This book will no longer disappoint you or your children. It was absolutely fascinating to hear their responses to the differences in normal fairytale stories.

I read these fairy tales to my grandson and he liked them so much. I also liked them a lot, since I often have to take care of him and I couldn’t make him calm down, now he keeps busy with these tales. We love this book, it’s a favorite for bedtime stories! It is a great book for mothers who want to read a story to put their little one to sleep.It is a small collection of fairy tales with oriental setting morals, stories to read before falling asleep to spend a sweet moment with your children, I find it is also a nice way to get closer to a different culture far away from us.


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