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Malta’s FBalzan Photography Voted Among The World’s Best Wedding Photographers

Tarxien, Malta: A journalistic-storytelling style in images has carried a Malta-based wedding photographer to the top of his profession on the global stage.


Franklin Balzan of FBalzan Photography has been accepted in the World’s Best Wedding Photos, an exclusive wedding community that harnesses the best wedding photographers worldwide. In the past three, it has received more than 1,500 applications, with only an elite 5% of the applicants accepted as members.


It now positions FBalzan Photography as one of the best wedding photographers in Malta, if not in Europe and the world. Franklin commented: “My journalistic storytelling style evokes authentic moments and emotions, and I am deeply proud that this approach has enabled my acceptance to the World’s Best Wedding Photos community.”


It is a remarkable rise for Franklin, who graduated as a mechanical engineer in 2007. Although engineering and art may seem unrelated, he grew fond of industrial design. This sharpened his appreciation of geometry and symmetry, which he now utilizes in photography.


His photographic journey began with a passion for street photography, chronicling people’s mundane daily activities. “I feel that my vision has been influenced by my Christian upbringing and values, as in my photography, I seek to display the invisible and spiritual realm with the physical and optical dimensions,” he said.


His unique talent and love of documenting people, their personalities and connections have led him to photograph couples getting married from all over the world – including those from China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, England, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Russia, Germany, Latvia, India, and the USA.


He reflected on his approach to wedding photography: “It is personaldeep and intimate – the combination of what I feel and what I see, between my soul and your heart. The most important thing for me is that you fall in love with my vision and my work.


“Each of my images is a tribute to the memory of the unique love story. Through my journalistic style, I can visually narrate a wedding story the emotions and feelings of the day. This love for what I do has made my photography internationally recognized and awarded.”


Given his excellence and speciality in wedding photography, Franklin also offers mentoring and training for aspiring wedding photographers in person and via online meetings.


To discover more about Franklin’s art, his availability for your wedding or more information about his services, call +35699895836 or visit

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