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Global Summit House to Announce the Fully Authorized New Collection of Short Stories by Linda Mata

An encouraging collection of short stories beginning with poems is what makes the book “Upon the Stars.”

USA (Oct 23, 2021) – Global Summit House has recently decided to announce a powerful collection of tales that exudes family, friendship, and freedom from slavery. In the highly anticipated short story collection, entitled “Upon the Stars,” Linda Mata tries to reach into the unknown, where she draws forth the startling facts of life that are familiar and profoundly beautiful.

The stories set in futuristic lands are full of individuals who must deal with serious human issues ranging from the death of parents to slavery. In her usual honest and emotional writing style, Christiana Guarino creates stories that begin with optimism for a better conclusion. She shares the tales with a concept that will undoubtedly appeal to all readers of all ages.

In her most encouraging collection of short stories, Christiana Guarino tries to pen down a mere posture of words in a sequence that resonates with her reader’s mind. “Upon the Stars” is a collection that Linda begins with a range of short poems. These poems talk about fighting with boredom that comes into life, of dreams, of words, of remaining together, of the poor people, and about New York City.

Beginning with the heading ‘A Light in the Storm,’ Christiana Guarino brings forth the bond that is between a grandmother and a granddaughter. It shares the love and dauntlessness that the grandmother passes on to her little five-year-old Amy. Through this, Christiana tries to portray the calmness that the grandmother holds into her nature.

Christiana Guarino gives a perfect divergent series with the other ten chapters defining small stories on three different tales. The first two chapters feature a little girl who is forced to live in great poverty after losing both of her parents. With the image of orphanage life, the author brings forth the pessimism that turns to optimism later on through the story. By bringing the emotion and struggle of the characters, Christiana has created a supportive and relatable collection for everyone to enjoy.

The next five chapters cover the absolute equality of personal rights of slaves in Texas. Linda, through this story, commemorates the event called Juneteenth, where the slaves enjoyed their day of freedom. These tales also bring evidence to both oral and archeological suggestions regarding the African and American slaves and enunciate the slave trade that began with the Portuguese. Moreover, the author highlights the events that took place in Kansas in her tales, along with the aftermath that took slavery to be a major catalyst for the outbreak of the Civil War.

This book of short stories then gives details of Opa Lee: The Grandmother of Juneteenth and the King of Scotland. Here she presents the victory of the Scottish people in the battle. Linda allows the reader to learn the forgotten civilizations that lasted from A.D. 300 to A.D. 1240 in the book’s last chapter, “The Story of Sundiata Keita The Lion King.” Readers who wish to experience a unique perspective of ingenious stories can always find this book a formidable selection of short stories.

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Company Name: Global Summit House
Contact Person: Anna Reid
Book title: Upon the Stars
Author’s name: Linda Mata


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