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WooCommerce Web Development – Convert More with the Best Web Design Practices

WooCommerce is a perfect option for anyone who wishes to have full ownership and control over their online venture. While there are many robust eCommerce solutions available out there to suit variant needs of retailers, one crucial aspect that they can’t afford to ignore is a perfect blend of content and eCommerce strategy.

Undoubtedly, powerful platforms like Magento, Shopify etc. are amongst the top players of the industry, WordPress is the perfect pairing that helps you to fulfill CMS strategies along with eCommerce ones in a single stroke.

Talking about ‘Website Design’, it plays a crucial role in whole digital set up and can definitely make or break your web presence. In this article, I shall be discussing the best-proven web design practices to help you make an impelling website for greater conversions.

Let’s have a look at those below:-

  • Tappable’ & ‘Clickable’

As per past revelation of ‘Google’, almost half of the web traffic comes from mobile devices. So, you can simply restrict your focus on desktops only. You need to shift it towards other devices as well like mobile, tablets etc.

Being responsive in your web design approach shall definitely help you to tap small screen sizes’ audience. Additionally, responsive eCommerce websites are quite beneficial due to its multipurpose approach as it can allow you to bring more mobile traffic, remain SEO-friendly, lesser bounce rates, fast loading mobile pages, and so forth.

Choosing a responsive WooCommerce theme at the initial stages of website set up is a perfect way and also offer you a strong foundation. Additionally, you can choose the following:-

shredding the unnecessary content from mobile appearances; using scalable vector graphics (SVGs) for a greater resolution and faster load times; standardize and optimize clickable buttons/areas; compressed and well-optimized imagery; and more.

  • PSD to HTML conversions

In general, PSD to HTML is a design and development workflow where your website’s appearance is crafted in Photoshop document and then you choose appropriate PSD to HTML WooCommerce development service providers who can convert it into web design using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript etc.

With the help of PSDs, you can achieve a custom design that depicts your specific business niche and that too by being customer-centric. By choosing a default template, you remain restricted to a certain limit of features or extension.

Whereas photoshop designs easily allow you to include or exclude features as per your business needs. So, while designing a WooCommerce store that is as powerful and effective as you want it to be in an urge to convert more.

  • Performing SEO tweaks

SEO or ‘search engine optimization’ has always remained a top priority for online retailers due to its capability of bringing web traffic to websites and that too organically.

Be it web design or development or marketing/promotion of your website, keeping SEO on your mind is vital nowadays. Many of us sometimes don’t realize the fact that performing SEO tweaks during web design process is a good practice instead of start working on it later.

Using Alt Text for your imagery, holding a consistent look & feel of your WooCommerce store, representing your brand in a visually appealing way, including meta and title tags, refraining use of frames wherever possible are amongst some good practices.


In the end, I would like to summarize this article on a positive note by stating that designing your website in a tempting and unique way is always beneficial, as we all know that individuals tend to judge a book by its cover at first.

So, try to remain ahead of the competition by being first to adopt latest web design trends in your eCommerce trade. Have a happy selling!


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