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What do you use ozonated olive oils for?

The use of antifungals and antibiotics in the treatment of infectious diseases has resulted in the development of resistance to antibiotics. This is why it is essential to create new natural products that have the pharmacological properties needed to treat various ailments. The oil of ozonated oil softgels is among the most effective supplements to our health with a greater antimicrobial effect and higher peroxide levels.

The process of ozonation causes alteration in the chemical makeup of oil, giving new biological properties to olive oil. It’s incredible how olive oil ozonated can treat wounds that otherwise would not heal. Patients who were not able to treat wounds using antibiotics were capable of healing their wounds by using Ozonized olive. What’s the key to this? Ozonated olive oil is antibacterial properties. It also destroys bacteria, fungi, and other pathogens by sterilizing the wound. Additionally, it aids in healing that no antibiotic could accomplish.

The therapists and doctors utilize Ozonated oil for treating various skin issues including dermatitis pressure ulcers, acne, and so on. Also, in skincare following laser therapy, surgery, or sunburn. It’s also a useful therapeutic agent for the treatment of ulcers in the gastrointestinal tract, asthma, and intestinal inflammation.

How To Ozonate Olive Oil

After he had invented his first generator for ozone, Nikola Tesla (in 1900) began selling Ozonated olive oil to doctors. Nikola Tesla created ozonated oil by bubbling ozone into olive oil under the influence of magnetic fields for weeks. What is taking place is a catalytic process that ignites an olive oil. One of the compounds that result is C10H18O3 which contains a carbon and hydrogen complex. In 1904, ozonated olive oil, which is also known as Glycozone was first appearing in medical publications like “The Medical Uses of Hydrozone and Glycozone” 9th Edition written by New York Chemist Charles Marchland.

When a couple of gallons of oil need to be treated Absolute Ozone(r) ATLAS 30 or even NANO 15 may provide the desired results quickly and efficiently. Due to the huge concentration of Absolute Ozone(r) Generators you can expect an immediate reaction. This means you can be able to save time and money during the process.

How Long Should Olive Oil Be Ozonated For?

The length of time is dependent on the particular procedure, for instance, for the bubbling ozone system the time average is about three weeks. The industry can have a shorter duration due to the redox process to create Ozonized oil. The ozone ignites the oil, which results in three organic peroxides. The first peroxide formed is reacted until it creates C10H18O3. The last stage is visible when everything changes into a transparent gel. Although some believe that olive oil with a high level of ozone is an ozone carrier it’s not. Ozonated olive oil is only able to hold Ozone gas for a short duration.

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