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Top 5 Housecall Pro Alternatives and Competitors in 2023

Looking for something other than Housecall Pro?

Housecall Pro is a software solution among home service businesses in the field service industry. It is generally considered a solid tool for basic job management functions such as scheduling and dispatching, and invoicing. Depending on your specific needs, however, it’s possible that Housecall Pro is not the best field service software for your business.

Especially if you serve commercial customers, their platform may not be well suited to support you as it has been designed primarily for residential service businesses. In that case, you would need a more suitable and efficient Housecall Pro alternative for your business.

Although Housecall Pro offers service management, project scheduling, and workforce dispatching, it has several drawbacks, including poor customer service, offline unavailability, limited tracking features, and no real-time tracking. For some businesses, this could be a critical issue, deterring them from running a smooth operation. So, we have researched and provided information in this article on the most acceptable Housecall Pro competitors, which will help you avoid the drawbacks that come with Housecall Pro and assist you in transforming your service business.

1. Field Promax

Field Promax has become the most popular field service contractor software over the years. It is used by almost every major field service company and many small businesses around the world. It has been proven to be the most efficient, cost-effective, as well as simplest software solution for businesses of all sizes.

When it comes to features and functions, Field Promax is almost certainly the best field service software. It is packed with unbelievable tools that help streamline and organize your business by automating the entire business process. It is designed to deliver end-to-end automation support for all your backend tasks, such as scheduling and dispatching, work order management, billing and invoicing, reports and analysis, customer management, technician monitoring, time-tracking, repeat order management, and so much more. Thanks to its advanced features, you can have better control over your operations. For example, it offers cloud storage for paperless document management and database safety, GPS tracking to monitor your technicians in real-time, and QuickBooks integration to maintain a seamless payment cycle.

The highlight of Field Promax is that it offers you a comprehensive dashboard with an organized calendar view. You can view all your technicians’ schedules, color-coded and organized as daily, weekly, and monthly orders, on a single platform. From here, you can simply assign and dispatch your staff with just a click, both from your computer and your smartphone. This way, you have total control over your operations, no matter where you are or what time of the day it is.

The reason, however, that Field Promax ranks so highly on various lists of the leading alternatives to Housecall Pro scheduling software is its superior ease of use. It has an almost zero learning curve, meaning you can get accustomed to and start using the software solution in practically no time. The same goes for your technicians as well. Moreover, Field Promax boasts one of the best customer services, helping you every step of the way. No wonder it has been chosen as the #1 software solution for large, small, and medium-sized businesses.

2. FieldEdge


FieldEdge is the field service management software for businesses needing extra help with customer management. FieldEdge’s customer management feature lets users view agreements, quotes, invoices, equipment, and work order histories. It provides a comprehensive overview of every customer and previously completed jobs.

The tool allows users to share pictures with clients to better explain cooling-related issues. By attaching images to a work order, customers are given a detailed overview of installation processes, maintenance problems, and equipment. Pictures taken over time also help customers understand how a problem has been growing. It also provides an entire history for each piece of equipment. This helps technicians determine if it’s time to replace equipment inside a customer’s home. Technicians can make forms for every piece of equipment. Technicians can use the mobile app to view and upload digital copies of equipment specification sheets.

3. mHelpdesk


mHelpDesk is a Housecall Pro alternative known for its ease of use. mHelpDesk functions on mobile smartphones and allows you to send jobs to workers through text messages, as well as a variety of mobile apps. Other features include scheduling, dispatching, and bill management.

Refrigeration businesses can get chaotic, and this software helps employees keep everything in one place. The wide range of features helps employees prevent double booking, underbooking, and overbooking. Users can add attachments and job notes, as well as assign or reassign jobs to other team members. Users can input precise service details through its custom line items and maintain contract quality control through checklists and job forms.

If you are having an issue with Housecall Pro pricing or features like offline availability, mHelpdesk is your ideal choice in those regards as well.

4. Workiz


Efficient, modern, and easy-to-use, Workiz is another web-based field service management app designed for small and medium-sized businesses. It is the perfect choice to organize, streamline, and standardize your business processes with cutting-edge automation tools. It helps you with an effective set of features to keep track of your work orders, scheduling, employee time, client information, invoices, and payments.

Other than the standard tools, Workiz also features activity dashboard, access control, calendar, inventory management, live dashboard, client management, CRM, lead tracking, asset lifecycle management, and more.

5. KickServ


Last but not least, KickServ is our final pick for Housecall Pro alternative solutions. Widely appreciated for its convenience and efficiency, it is a great choice when it comes to CRM and job management.

KickServ offers a wide range of functionalities, including scheduling and dispatching, work order management suite, dashboard, calendar views, notifications and alerts, billing and invoicing, job tracking, customer portal, digital signature support, availability indicator, customer database, inventory management, contract/license management, estimates, preventive maintenance, QuickBooks integrations, and, of course, an an integrated mobile app.

Final Words

HouseCall Pro

Most field service business owners prefer a modern, on-demand solution and would happily pay a premium price for this. Housecall Pro is no doubt a leading choice. However, with its drawbacks, you should really consider whether you want to spend so much or switch to a better Housecall Pro alternative that suits your needs better. The options mentioned in this article are all good choices in that regard.

But if you want the best value for your money, then Field Promax is the best option for you. Not only does it pack a chock-full of wonderful features to give you an all-in-solution for all your automation needs, but it also offers a wide range of customizations to fit your needs like a glove. Moreover, it is super easy to use and has one of the most pocket-friendly pricing plans.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best for your business today.

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