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The Trend of Custom Homes Continues to Rise, Feeding Homeowner’s Desire for Uniqueness

BEND, Oregon – March 23, 2024 – In recent years, there has been a significant surge in the popularity of custom-built homes. According to the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction, the proportion of custom homes among all single-family homes initiated in 2022 rose to 20.4% from the 17.6% reported in 2021. This shift in housing preferences comes from the desire for personalization, superior quality, and cost-effectiveness.


Advancements in construction techniques have empowered homeowners to design their dream homes from the ground up. Custom homes provide a distinct advantage by catering to individual needs and reflecting personal style. The ability to customize every home aspect ensures comfort, practicality, and satisfaction, which off-the-shelf housing options often can’t deliver.


Custom homes have superior craftsmanship and materials. Homeowners can hand-select every component, ensuring better control over quality and durability. This commitment to perfection enhances the home’s overall aesthetic appeal.


Custom homes are a testament to a dedication to quality that exceeds production housing. While custom homes may initially seem more expensive, they offer potential long-term savings through energy-efficient features and high-quality, durable materials. Strategic design and sustainability practices save energy and water, reduce utility bills, and minimize future repair costs.


Custom homes are popular among homeowners who prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency. They can reduce energy consumption and utilize renewable resources, thus decreasing energy waste and promoting conservation. Mountain High Builders, Inc. is the best custom home building in Bend, Oregon.


Renowned as a preeminent construction company in Bend, Oregon, Mountain High Builders, Inc. brings clients’ unique visions of the perfect home to life. With an unwavering commitment to exceptional construction services, Mountain High Builders, Inc. is synonymous with high-quality custom homes.


Mountain High Builders understands that a house is more than a building. They approach new home construction, understanding that each home is a haven and a reflection of the homeowner. The company is committed to delivering high-quality homes that fulfill client aspirations so that every corner reflects the homeowner’s individuality.


Mountain High Builders prides itself on building high-quality custom dream homes that withstand the harsh Oregon winters. They make each home using high-quality materials handled by skilled craftsmen. This process guarantees a well-constructed and cozy environment during winter and a refreshing oasis on hot summer days.


At Mountain High Builders, they believe every project deserves the utmost attention and care. They have a dedicated team of experts to ensure a seamless and stress-free construction process. The goal isn’t just to meet but to exceed the expectations of their clients.


For more information about Mountain High Builder’s exceptional custom home-building services, please visit their website or contact them today.


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