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Swappers Wall is a Social Networking platform, powered on the decentralized network of Era Swap. Swappers Wall facilitates interaction between friends, family, peers, and colleagues, with a decentralized approach, you can posts photos, videos, and all your memories securely on this middleman free social network. Meaning, users on Swappers Wall don’t have to worry about, misuse, manipulation, and selling of their own data by the central authority for their own profits. Since Swappers Wall is powered on a decentralized P2P network; there is total transparency about how things work here.

The most unique feature of Swappers Wall

Power Tokens: Power Tokens feature is the heart of Swappers Wall – It is the most known feature among Era Swap Community. With this feature, you can receive and send rewards (ES Power Tokens) to your peers/friends / or any other content creator whose content might catch your eye and you want to appreciate it. Unlike other social networking platforms, you do not only get likes on your posts but Power Tokens, these tokens aren’t just for fun but it holds value within. You can liquefy/ withdraw your received power tokens anytime you want just by paying little to no fees of 0.3%.

Steps to join Swappers Wall

Step-1: Visit

Step-2: Click on the icon of Swappers Wall visible on the header of the page. Once clicked, a pop up will occur, you can connect through your Meta mask account or Click on “Proceed to Era Swap Life”.

Once you click, a new tab will open, and you`ll be redirected to Era Swap Life for wallet creation. And, the reason it redirects you is that because Swappers Wall is powered by Era Swap and Era Swap has multiple decentralized utility platform for Community means with a single wallet and a single-sign-on you can access complete Era Swap Life Ecosystem along with Swappers Wall

Step-3: On this new tab, click on the “Create Wallet” and the “Proceed” copy your Mnemonics and click on “I Wrote Down My Mnemonics”. Then paste the missing words and click on “Submit Mnemonic”.   

Step-4: Enter your unique wallet password and click on “Generate Wallet” and keep patience. You will get your Key store file – It is a unique file that helps you to log in also, the mnemonics, so keep it safe and do not lose it, since it cannot be recovered.

Now since your wallet is created you can simply get back to and edit your profile with your basic information and Invite Your Friends on this New & Authentic Social Hub where you can create and share memories with your friends and colleagues from far away, in this lockdown.

So, What are you waiting for, Join Swappers Wall today and start receiving rewards for your original and quality content?


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