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Six Interesting Hobbies for Wildlife Lovers

Are you an animal lover or wildlife lover or nature lover? If you are, and are looking to develop any interesting hobbies which will fit your lifestyle and interests, then worry not! We’ve compiled a list of six interesting hobbies that you can choose to work on.


Birdwatching is the process of studying out friendly neighbors in the sky to witness the way they move, the way they hunt, as well as observe their habitat. Generally, this is done with a pair of birding binoculars, which can give you a much closer perspective of the creatures, without causing disturbance to them, or scaring them off.

Birdwatching can let you enjoy all beautiful moments such as witnessing the hatching of baby birds and watching the babies get fed by the mother.


Snorkeling is also an interesting activity that you can take up, especially if you are interested in learning more about the mysterious underwater sea creatures. It involves a breathing tube and a mask, which lets you explore underwater and experience sea life in its natural environment.


Horse riding is one of the best options if you are looking to truly interact with a magnificent beast. It allows you to feel the strength as well as the movement of the powerful beast, and enjoy a thrill which you cannot stimulate in another way.

Horseriding also helps to keep you fit. If you think that your horse will do all the work, you are wrong. Not only there is usually a lot of heavy lifting around horses, but horse riding itself feels like a decent workout.

Zoo or Wildlife Park Volunteer

You can always consider volunteering or spending time at the local zoo or the local wildlife park. You can choose to help animal caretakers by preparing the food for the animals, by feeding the animals, or by cleaning exhibits.

Wildlife Photography

If you have been to a zoo, you’ve probably taken pictures of the animals to keep them as memories. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you can go one step further and go to safaris or national parks so that you are able to observe animals in their natural habitats and capture their images.


Taxidermy is the art of creating the lifelike representation of an animal, mostly birds or mammals, using their dead skin and other body parts. Many consider taxidermy to be an art, while some put it in the category of science. However, it can be considered a mixture of several disciplines including sewing, painting, carpentry, tanning, sculpting, woodworking, and so on. Taxidermy can help us learn more about the different kinds of life on Earth. Good taxidermists can display their animals in such a way that they will appear to come to life before one’s eyes. Although some people find this creepy, taxidermy is an interesting hobby to develop, especially if you have an interest in wildlife and nature.

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