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Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Early Harvest Beneficial to Hair?

Post-pandemic, individuals have become more health-conscious and are transitioning towards better and active lives. We all know what this pandemic did with our natural growth and development. People who have gone through different covid variants faced many difficulties during and post this disease. One of the major issues that they faced was extreme damage and hair loss. A few months after this disease, hair loss became more noticeable than ever. Now, in order to cope with this hair damage, people started using DIY hair masks, improved their overall diet and made a few changes in their lifestyle as well.


Starting from eating healthy and exercising to taking care of their skin and hair on a daily basis, people have become more health-conscious. One item that most people changed to, was olive oil. Now people may know very little about this wondrous oil, and even less about the different kinds of olive oils but it is crystal clear that it has wealthy health benefits that none of the normal oil possesses. Made with the richness and goodness of olives, olive oil is roughly 3000 years old. It is prepared by grinding and crushing olives by extracting their oil and making it pure. An excellent bundle of antioxidants and beneficial nutrients, olive oil for hair may be used for mending damage and as a skin moisturiser and also can be used for cooking. It offers a silky and smooth texture to hair, making it lustrous and robust at the same time. The underlying advantages of olive oil for hair have made it the first option in nearly every household. Extra virgin olive oil is much superior to pomace olive oil owing to the plethora of nutrients it carries. Made with the benefits of cold-pressed and pure olives, extra virgin olive oil is not only used for roasting, frying or sautéing but also for the normal and healthy development of hair. It definitely stacks up against other cooking oils because of its unlimited health benefits. The least processed olive oil, EVOO is considered the healthiest cooking oil. Is there any other cooking oil with this many benefits as EVOO? With a variety of various health advantages, it is also used as a cosmetic product, enhances the condition of the hair by preventing hair fall and is used in creating soaps as well. So, is extra virgin olive oil truly helpful for hair or not? Let’s have a look at its outstanding perks!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil From Early Harvest Has Hair Benefits-

  • Hair nourishment and conditioning- Early harvest extra virgin olive oil is recognised for its antioxidant characteristics; it nourishes and revitalises hair quality, removing any dryness. It adds volume to the hair, which minimises breakage and improves the texture.
  • Helps with split ends- Split ends are a common problem today, reducing the quality of hair and making it seem damaged, brittle, and frayed. Hair loss and breakage may be caused by a variety of factors, including epidemics, harsh weather, and stress. Split ends may be reduced to a larger degree by using olive oil twice a week and massaging your scalp adequately with it.
  • Softens your hair- Leaving olive oil on your hair for no more than 20 minutes before washing it may do wonders for your hair. Try it to soften your hair and get immediate benefits. For a better effect, you may always combine various components, such as honey and olive oil, depending on the texture of your hair.
  • Makes your hair more manageable- Most individuals style their hair more often, causing it to become frizzy and wavy as a result of the increased damage. Many people try a variety of hair products and are unsatisfied. So, why don’t you give olive oil a try and see what a difference it may make? Olive oil for hair revitalises it and leaves it gleaming. It effectively removes dullness and properly nourishes your hair.
  • Olive oil provides the richness of nutrients that give strength and volume to your hair. It’s the ultimate DIY hair mask when you combine spices like cinnamon and honey with olive oil. It protects your hair from damage and promotes hair development.
  • The most astonishing advantage of using olive oil for hair is that it eliminates dandruff, which is the root cause of hair damage and hair loss.


Extra virgin olive oil’s antioxidant characteristics make it particularly good for dry and frizzy hair, since it moisturises the scalp and leaves it healthy and nourished. This oil has been used for centuries not only in cooking, but also in soap manufacture, as a moisturiser, and to improve the condition of hair. Olive oil may be used in a variety of ways when it comes to applying it to your hair. Olive oil hair masks are very effective and simple to produce at home. Extra virgin olive oil supports healthy hair and development, helps to minimise hair fall, and contains a binding element that strengthens the scalp. It contains antifungal and moisturising qualities, promoting hair growth and production.


Olister’s early harvest olive oil is gathered earlier than usual owing to the richness of the olives at the start of the harvest. Long before soaps and moisturisers were invented, the Greeks, Romans, and other ancient civilizations utilised olive oil for bathing and skincare. Olive oil was utilised by Cleopatra in her hair and on her skin.

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