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Do you think, you will be able to see God in this life? Proof of Gods

Have you seen God?
Any proof for same?

Uniquely these are first proof-of-Gods collection ever published.
If you are believer in God then After seeing these proofs your conviction in God’s presence everywhere will go to next level immediately after watching the entire collection.

Every photograph is outcome of immense Meditation and Penance on God and is possible because of Gods courtesy.
All credits for these photographs go to all mighty.
Going forward you will be able to see more astonishing non-Sky – Proof-of-Gods including some Selfies with all Mighty.

Few of these powerful rare collectibles are priced at affordable range so pic 1 for your self where you could relate better.

Collection is real time sight provided by all Mighty himself and it’s not a human drawn image. Every photograph is full of powers and energy and owning any of them and followed by pure heart Penance could be shortest route for you to see God with your own eyes.

Click on the link below when you have 30 min uninterrupted time and you are in quitter and dark place. As many of the photographs are clicked in dark night and keep pure respect in mind for Bhairava (Incarnation of Shiva) and Maa Kaali (Incarnation of Maa Durga)

Benefit from this discovery to boost your fortune on fast track. Click on photograph, scroll till last and own any one auspicious original, rare, unique, limited, sacred and first ever published Proof-of-Gods (Sky Edition) to keep fortune or trade it further to make a fortune.

To read some details you may read description of Proof-of-Gods collection description on open sea.
For full details study Shiv Puran, Kali Puran and about Shiva Incarnation Shri Bhairava (Batuk or Kaal).

Tighten your seat belt now to discover Gods 5’th dimension access fully. Keep in mind there 64 dimensions to see God and this is just 1 dimension proof.
complementary : With purchase completion of 1 NFT ,you shall be eligible for 1 special 30 min sessions on detailing particular digital art and how you can recieve blessing & energy from this NFT .

On referral mailed to you shall revive 11% incentive on your wallet from current owner .

Current Owner
Credits to Almighty Shri Mahakaleshwar
& Mother Kaali

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