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BGA824N6E6327XTSA1 Arrives at UCC INDU GmbH Warehouse

Introduction: The BGA824N6E6327XTSA1, a cutting-edge electronic component, has recently made its way to the UCC INDU GmbH warehouse. UCC INDU GmbH, one of INFINEON’s trusted distributors, is a renowned electronic components distributor based in Germany. This article will shed light on the significance of this arrival and provide a brief overview of UCC INDU GmbH, along with technical specifications of the BGA824N6E6327XTSA1.

UCC INDU GmbH – A Premier Electronics Components Distributor: UCC INDU GmbH stands as a distinguished player in the electronics distribution industry. As a distributor based in Germany, it has earned a solid reputation for providing high-quality electronic components to a global customer base. With a commitment to excellence, UCC INDU GmbH has become a trusted partner for numerous manufacturers and engineers worldwide.

INFINEON Partnership: One of the key distinctions of UCC INDU GmbH is its status as an authorized distributor for INFINEON, a renowned semiconductor manufacturer. This partnership speaks volumes about the company’s dedication to delivering top-notch electronic components to its clients. UCC INDU GmbH’s association with INFINEON ensures that customers have access to a wide range of INFINEON products, including the BGA824N6E6327XTSA1.

BGA824N6E6327XTSA1 – Technical Specifications: The BGA824N6E6327XTSA1 is a remarkable electronic component with a range of impressive technical specifications:

  1. Type: It is a high-performance NPN transistor.
  2. Package: The component is packaged in a compact BGA (Ball Grid Array) package, making it suitable for space-constrained applications.
  3. Frequency Range: It operates efficiently in the RF (Radio Frequency) spectrum, with a frequency range of up to 10 GHz.
  4. Gain: The BGA824N6E6327XTSA1 offers a high gain of up to 21 dB, making it ideal for applications where signal amplification is crucial.
  5. Low Noise Figure: With a low noise figure of 0.8 dB, this component ensures minimal signal degradation during amplification.
  6. Voltage and Current: It can handle a maximum collector-emitter voltage of 3.6 V and a collector current of 50 mA.
  7. RoHS Compliance: The BGA824N6E6327XTSA1 adheres to RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulations, promoting environmental sustainability.
  8. Applications: This component finds applications in various industries, including telecommunications, automotive, and consumer electronics, where RF signal amplification is vital.

Conclusion: The arrival of the BGA824N6E6327XTSA1 at UCC INDU GmbH’s warehouse is a significant event in the world of electronic components. As a trusted distributor and INFINEON partner, UCC INDU GmbH continues to provide engineers and manufacturers with access to high-quality components like the BGA824N6E6327XTSA1, ensuring that cutting-edge technology is readily available for various applications. With its impressive technical specifications, the BGA824N6E6327XTSA1 is poised to make a meaningful impact in RF applications across industries.

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