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AWS Career Path 2023: Which AWS Certification Should You Choose?

The growth in demand for AWS certifications indicates the expansion of the AWS career path. The versatility of options chooses the best AWS career path difficult in 2023. This write-up can serve as a medium to ease this confusion by clearing the doubts and explaining ways for the same.

How to choose the right AWS Career Path?

Almost every candidate needs guidance at the beginning of preparation. No matter how intelligent a candidate is, they need some factors to choose the best AWS career path certification. Some elements can help the students in choosing the best:

Career goals

The accomplishment of goals is the very first thing a candidate should know. Taking up an examination choice begins with the identification of the plans. For example, one interested in solutions development should go for solutions architect certification.

However, it is essential to update the goals per the sector’s updates. Since AWS has many roles, one can consider multiple career options through the versatility of plans.

Work experience

Many AWS certifications require work experience in some fields, such as AWS Cloud computing, solutions, and others. Therefore, candidates should analyze their work experience and other factors necessary for a particular certification.

This step would help choose the AWS professional better, easing decision-making regarding AWS certification selection.

Exam Syllabus

While making research and preparation strategies for the examination, one should research the syllabus. If one knows about the prerequisite subject knowledge, their chances of qualifying for that particular examination increase. Otherwise, the confusion may increase multifolds.

One can get this information by visiting the official website and considering other similar resources. Since the syllabus may change for some reason, keeping in sync with the changes is essential.


Consider what a particular certification requires a candidate to do. The knowledge of the prerequisite is vital for cracking the examination. Knowing the requirements is essential even if one thinks of choosing a new accreditation.

The way to know about the prerequisites is to refer to the official resources and consult the experts. Thus, every candidate should have a previous idea of the requirements.

Learning methods and strategies

Every level of certification requires a different method of preparation. A candidate should analyze one’s status and choose the options that suit their level and strategies.

Besides, one should learn to craft essential strategies to get positive exam results. This step would reduce the complications in taking designs and examination choices together.


Last, one needs excellent counseling before choosing the right career. Therefore, besides trying to get away with any random choice, one should get experts’ opinions on choosing the right career path.


There may be more factors that may help the candidates. However, these points are the ones that apply genuinely. They can prepare the choice based on personal preferences and opinions.

Which AWS Certifications to Choose: Comparing The Famous AWS Certifications

Let’s now head towards the best-known AWS certifications in 2023. Knowing about some reputed credentials reviewed as the most popular ones in 2023 is essential. By comparing these certifications in terms of overviews, pros, and cons, it would be easy to select any one examination as the right option.

AWS Certified Developer Associate Certification

This associate-level examination lasts for 130 minutes and costs $150. It is a top-class choice for beginners in the AWS sector to gain associate-level certifications. Being a developer is a good option for an easy transition to higher levels. The pros of this examination are:

  • Anybody who uses the AWS platform finds this valuable certification for the same knowledge.
  • This certification gives more chances to earn associate-level certifications.

The cons of this certification are:

  • The demand for this certification is lesser than associate certification in solutions architecture.
  • There may be a need to take another examination to improve the value of this certification.

AWS Certified Security Specialist

This examination costs $300 and is a speciality-level examination lasting for 170 minutes. This certification aims to prepare students to maintain data security on the AWS platform. The pros of this certification are:

  • There is a growth in the demand for cloud security experts.
  • It is the certification with the broadest AWS certification at the speciality level.

The cons of this examination are:

  • The cost of taking this examination is high.
  • This examination doesn’t help in getting significant roles in the IT sector.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The cost of taking this examination is $100. It is a foundational-level examination and lasts 90 minutes. This examination certification is for people who seek foundation-level knowledge in the field of AWS. This certification is for someone other than people who want technical expertise. The pros of this certification are:

  • There is a minimal requirement for AWS fundamental knowledge.
  • It is easy and less expensive as compared to other ones.
  • It connects to the association certifications.

The cons of this examination are:

  • There is no involvement of technical knowledge and expertise.
  • This certification doesn’t focus on imparting technical knowledge.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional

The cost of this course is $300. Its duration is 180 minutes, and it is a professional-level examination. This examination aims to gain an understanding of creating solutions for cloud computing in AWS. The pros of this examination are:

  • The average salary of these professionals is higher.
  • The demand for this examination is high.

The cons of this examination are:

  • Taking this examination is expensive.
  • This examination is difficult for many people to pass.

These examinations are some top-rated examinations of the AWS career path. Candidates can match their specifications and other aspects. Besides, they can know about the knowledge domain of every certification. Therefore, they may be able to choose the best option.


Sometimes choosing the best professional path can be difficult. This confusion is evident in the case of AWS’s career path. However, having an idea of one’s choices and requirements gives a picture of the right direction. This write-up listed essential factors for selecting the most accurate AWS career path in 2023. Good luck on your journey to becoming an AWS expert! If you are aiming to prepare for the exam then, enroll for the best AWS Certification training at Vinsys now! Vinsys is a leading IT Training Center in San Jose, California and across the globe. Get in touch with our expert now!

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