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Alexandrite Stud Earrings: The Complete Guide

Alexandrite stud earrings are those essential jewelry pieces that can easily be found in any woman’s jewelry box. The simplicity and elegance of alexandrite studs make them a must-have accessory for every woman. But there are some crucial things that you need to consider before deciding on a pair of alexandrite stud earrings. Read this guide to better understand the crux behind buying alexandrite stud earrings.

This article has two parts. The first part talks about those features of the alexandrite stud earrings that can be chosen based on your comfort and lifestyle. And the second part describes the features that should form the basis of your selection of alexandrite stud earrings. So, let’s quickly jump right into it.

This part of the article sheds light on the metal and carat weight of your alexandrite stud earrings. Metal and carat weight are features that entirely depend on the wearer’s comfort and lifestyle and thus, should only be chosen based on these. For instance, your selected metal type should suit your skin. Most of the time, people choose the metal on the basis of fashion and then regret their decision when the chosen metal type starts causing them discomfort. From slight itchiness to severe allergies, an incautious selection of metal can harm you in different ways.

Similarly, thoughtful attention should be applied while selecting the carat weight of your alexandrite stud earrings. The opted carat weight for your earrings should depend not only on your earlobes but also on whether you’d be wearing the pair occasionally or every day. If you’re picking a pair for everyday wear, you might want to consider buying it in lesser carat weight. On the other hand, if you’re thinking of getting a pair of alexandrite stud earrings to be worn occasionally, you can go for the larger carat weight option.

Furthermore, your choice of carat weight should also depend on your earlobes. For instance, wearing a pair that is too big or too small for your earlobes will result in a fashion blunder. Your alexandrite stud earrings should neither be too small nor too big.

The second part of this article deals with the shape, setting, and backs of the alexandrite stud earrings. All of these features depend on your choice and preference. Alexandrites are endowed with a mesmerizing color-changing ability that turns them green in sunlight and red in candlelight. While this ability of alexandrites makes them look equally alluring in various cuts, you can choose the one that tickles your fancy. From the typical round and oval cuts to the fancy heart and emerald cuts, your alexandrite stud earrings can rock them all.

When it comes to choosing a setting for your alexandrite stud earrings, you can get the one that goes with your style. However, the ideal setting should be the one that best highlights its shimmer while firmly securing the center stone in its place. The same approach goes with choosing the backs of your alexandrite stud earrings. Your choice of backs should keep your alexandrite stud earrings intact on both of your ears. And for that reason, you might want to choose screws backs that offer the utmost security.


There are multiple factors that affect your choice of alexandrite stud earrings. From the setting and backs to the metal and carat weight, everything should be selected after careful consideration. Now that wading through this guide has enlightened you about buying a pair of alexandrite stud earrings, you might want to start applying all the learning to someplace useful.

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