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6 Tips for Playing Pac-Man 99

Pac-Man 99 is now available on Nintendo Switch Online as a free download for existing Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. It joins Tetris 99 to make up Nintendo’s retro battle-royale titles.

Pac-Man 99 borrows many elements from Tetris 99 such as how to ramp up and play out the game, but still retains its own unique mechanics that make it stand out.

This guide will provide six tips to help you play Pac-Man 99, Pacman 30th Anniversary and hopefully make you the Pac-One. This is the game’s version a Victory Royale or a chicken dinner. It’s true, I’m not sure. You can read the rest of this article to find out more.

Make Use of Your Power Ups

Although the power ups are easy to overlook, they can be selected using the four face buttons. The Power mode allows Pac-Man to take out a ghost and the Speed mode allows Pac-Man to move faster. You can swap these modes frequently to avoid being trapped by ghosts. These modes are essential for high-level Pac-Man 99 play.

Enjoying the Ghost Train

There are lines of Sleeping Ghosts on the left and right sides. These ghosts can be eaten without a power pellet and will then join one of the four other ghosts to create a terrifying Ghost Train that will chase you down. They are also delicious. When all the Sleeping Ghosts have been taken to a train, grab a Power Pellet and then chew them all down to send them off to an enemy’s platform.

Choose Your Target

You should choose your target carefully when sending Ghost Trains to enemy stages. Although it is tempting to target enemies with the Counter option, you should choose the Knockout option. This will allow you to quickly overwhelm opponents and score knockouts.

Power Pellet Preservation

Although it would be tempting to grab Power Pellets whenever they are available and just go for it, eating pellets every so often, it is not a good idea. You’re more likely to run out of Power Pellet just when you need them. Use them sparingly.

Jammer Watch

Jammer Pac-Man is a collection of hollow Pac-Man icons which will plague your board. These are ghost train remnants that have been sent by other players. You can eat the white jammers, which won’t hurt but will slow down your progress towards the main ghosts. However, the red jammers, which are as deadly as the ghosts and will kill you in later stages of the game, will be fatal.

Fruity and Refreshing

The fruit in the middle of the stage is not just for points. The fruit icon can also be used to restore all the pellets, Power Pellets and Sleeping Ghosts on the stage. This allows you to continue the core gameplay loop, send tons of Ghost Trains to your enemies, in the hope of wiping them out, and continue the core gameplay loop. Focus on clearing out the smaller pellets first, as the fruit will soon spawn.

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