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Why Self Value is Important?

Do you know how self-value is important in our life? Well, it is the love and respect which you have for yourself. It cannot be defined by anyone else in the world and can only feel by yourself. Valuing yourself tells, you are worthy of love and good things in life. When you get to know how to value yourself then it will become easy to appreciate yourself and you can be motivated all the time without any external source.


The University of Michigan conducted a study where they found that college students who depended on the external source for their self-worth, such as appearance and approval from others reported anger, academic issues, and higher stress and had higher levels of drug and eating disorders.


Additionally, the same study found that students who believe in internal sources for self-value such as being a virtuous person were found to do better academically and were mentally strong.


There are three words that are very common are self-worth, self-esteem, and self-respect. Usually, they look the same but they are not. First is self-worth, it means you are worth something. Second is self-esteem means, what are you going to do with that worth, and lastly you have to understand the value of yourself called self-respect. They all are important in your life because they play a huge role. The person should never ignore these things and understand how they work. I saw many people who do not have even 1% self-respect. If somebody tells them something wrong, they do not have the courage to save their self-value. People take the advantage of those who do not care about their self-esteem. if you ignore this then it can become a huge problem in the future.


Now you know how self-value is important and why you have to work on it so there are some ways which can increase your self-value and can give you the next level of confidence. These ways can really helpful for you to make you a self-respected person because it should be your first priority.

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