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What Makes 200 series lift kit So Special?

It is a common practice to raise your vehicle. is among the most frequent modifications that drivers perform to their 4WD. It has a myriad of benefits including greater clearance, more towing capacity, better ride as well as the capability to use more powerful tires. The kit you choose should be based on the load of all your accessories (excluding winches, steel bumpers and permanent bull bars on the front). Each kit is carefully sized to prevent any issue with the steering line or driveline.

Achieved Increased Ground Clearance

The 1.0 and 2.5 inches 200 series lift kit allows for the installation of larger tires. It also gives the Land Cruiser improved ground clearance, helping to make offroad driving pleasant and secure. It aids in the leveling of the rake to help it be level between front and rear in order to make loading gear more convenient.

The kit features a Dobinsons Nitrogen gas lift system that comes with rear and front coil springs, and Strut mounts. The nitrogen gas shocks come with the twin tube construction for robustness and heat dissipation. They’re adjustable via an integrated valve system to allow for different loads. It is possible to alter the damping features by opening and closing the clickers located on the front struts, allowing you to avoid those stacks with shims for greater compression and rebound. The rear damper is additionally adjustable via the same clickers.

Greater Towing Capacity

Designed for the overland lifestyle, this kit will increase the load capacity for all of the extra gear. This kit can boost the front load rating for your vehicle by up to 200LBS. To select your exact load choices, select the drop down menu. This will let you choose your personal accessory load; all accessories/gear that are permanently mounted to the vehicle like bull bars, winches, roof racks and so on.

Dobinsons 200 series lift kit is the outcome of a major investment in research & development. They’re built to stand up to the blistering hot outback of Australia, and even subzero temperatures in Russia. The shocks have been designed using an enormous custom piston, custom-designed damping to fit the particular vehicle, as well as lightweight 6061-T6 aluminum support. The system makes use of CNC machines for lower preloads, top spacer plates as well as front billet lift pucks make a robust suspension system that is straightforward, reliable and easy to maintain. They can restore your suspension’s geometry to the original specifications and will require no further maintenance beyond routine oil changes.

Enhanced Comfort

The 2″ Dobinsons Twin Tube Nitro Gas Lift Kit is a high-end suspension upgrade which significantly improves off-road handling and the ride quality. The two rear nitrogen gas shocks utilize twin tubes for increased the durability of the shock and reduce heat, while the coil springs are engineered to increase level of clearance, as well as comfort on the road.

The Dobinsons 200 series lift kit suspension system is accessible with a selection of different heights for the front and rear coil spring options to meet the requirements of your vehicle, depending on the constant loads and the weight of your vehicle. The accessories that are constantly loaded include things like roof racks, bumpers and winches, such as the gear or accessories installed on your vehicle for all time, and must to be taken into account when deciding on a coil suspension choice.

The Dobinsons 200 series lift kit features a set of the upper control arms, made from drop-forged steel that are stronger, along with 4 degrees of caster correction, which restores the factory suspension geometry back to its manufacturer specifications, resulting in a smoother and more comfy ride. The kit is fully compatible with KDSS.

More Safety

It can be complicated and will require expert expertise to sure that everything is correctly installed. Engaging a professional is ideal to make sure you don’t make any costly errors in the process of installation that could damage your vehicle.

No matter whether you’re taking your Toyota off-road or traveling around town, a lift kit can boost your riding comfort by increasing ground clearance while also making it easier move through rough terrain. It is also able to assist get larger tires, which will improve the handling of off-road vehicles and their performance. The vehicle that is lifted will likely be a little more impactful on performance, since it is likely to weigh more. However, this won’t be too dramatic and shouldn’t effect your mileage too much. It is essential to be aware of the laws of your state regarding the height of your vehicle prior to deciding on the right lift kit. Also, you should consult with your insurance carrier to discover how a new lift kit will raise your premium.Those that want to understand 200 series lift kit , they will Get More Info.

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