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Popular Azure Certifications in 2023 to Boost Your Career

Microsoft Azure Certifications is the most popular cloud computing service course among IT professionals. This certification helps to build and develop a strong career in cloud technology. Likewise, acquiring the certification will develop the cloud technology skill and gain high paid job offers. 

Moving forward, cloud computing technology is a fast-growing segment in every IT organization. Professionals who want to develop their careers in cloud technology can undergo these types of certified examinations. In addition, several types of cloud management and processes are included in every certification. 

Azure certification: an overview:

Microsoft develops Azure to develop and manage every cloud-based application and its services. The Azure certification titles with their role and responsibilities. The role is combined and organized into 4 level segments,

  • Fundamentals
  • Associate
  • Expert
  • Specialty

According to the above-certified titles, IT professionals can develop the knowledge and skills for the job.

Examination: To acquire the Microsoft Azure certification, you must take the Microsoft online exam. To pass the exam, the person must score 700 out of 1000.

Renewal of certificate: Microsoft provides the certification after passing and completing the exam successfully. For Fundamental level certification, there is no need for renewal. But they need to renew the Associate and Expert certification by passing an online renewal assessment on Microsoft, which is entirely free.

Reason to get azure certification:

Cloud Computing is a fast growing technology in every IT organization as the organization is moving its resources and service through this technology. And this creates a massive demand for cloud computing-certified professionals in the IT sector. The role is to provide service according to the organization, which depends on storing data, computing, and network security.  

Wide Career growth:

The Azure certification provides multiple job offers and opportunities for certified professionals. For example, the professional can become a cloud architect, developer, and solution architect for the organization. With the Azure certification, the professional can join various sectors like banks, health care, research unit, and entertainment. In addition, certified professionals can work for both internal and international companies.

Knowledge development:

The professional must also follow those skills as cloud technology keeps moving to the top level. Handling these latest technologies and working in real-time will improve their knowledge and skill experience. 

Trying to learn new things in their field will enrich the technology experience. Also, it improves the level of experience and will be able to deliver the service in an efficient way.

Potential Earning:

Consuming the latest technology and improving their skill will lead to the high performance of work in an effective manner. Gaining more experience in the working field will increase your salary automatically. Acquiring the Azure certification will improve employee value and make them valuable resources in the organization.


Compared to non-certified professionals, Azure-certified professionals have more value. Based on cloud computing knowledge and certification, they can raise their value. In addition, being a certified professional, the company will offer more annual pay and give them a higher position in their company.

Top Microsoft certification:

As said earlier, the Microsoft Azure certification comes under four segment levels. Some of the significant certifications for developing the skill in cloud technology below

Azure Fundamentals:

For the Azure Fundamentals certification, the professional needs to clear the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamental examination. The certification comes with a fundamental level of knowledge about cloud services. In addition, the course provides concepts like storage, computing, networks, and core architecture.

The examination comes with a duration of 60 mins with 40 to 50 questions and answers. To clear the exam, the candidate needs to score 700. To move to the next level in the certification, the IT professional must first clear this examination. The cost of the examination is about $99.

Azure Administrator Associate: 

The candidate must clear the AZ-103 examination to acquire the Azure Administrator Associate. Also, the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate replaces the AZ-103 exam. AZ-104 course covers the configuration and management part of computing, virtual networking, monitoring, and storage. Examination timing is about 120 mins with 40 to 60 questions. The cost of the examination is $165.

Azure Developer Associate: 

AZ-204 exam is the replacement for the AZ-203 examination. The AZ-204 Microsoft Azure Developer Associate. AZ-204 certification comes with concepts of Azure applications and services. And it includes security, authorization, troubleshooting, and optimizing the data storage and connection process. The duration is 120 min and 40 to 60 questions for the examination. The cost of the exam is $165.

Azure Solutions Architect Expert: 

To get Azure solution Architect Expert certification, the candidate must clear the AZ-305 Microsoft Azure Solution Architect Expert exam and the AZ-104 Azure Administrator Associate exam. It covers the concept of identity, data storage, and infrastructure solutions. With the cost of $165 for the examination, the candidate must answer 40 to 60 questions in 120 mins.

Azure DevOps Engineer Expert: 

To get the Azure DevOps Engineer Expert to clear the AZ-104 Azure Administrator Associate exam and the AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineer Expert exams. The central concept of this examination is to gain knowledge about designing and implementing a process through connection. The certification exam cost is about $165 with 50 to 70 questions on it. The candidate needs to complete the examination within 180 min.

Azure Security Engineer Associate: 

For Azure 500 Security Engineer Associate, the candidate needs to clear the Az-500 examination. The certification covers maintaining security, management access, automation, and scripting. And it covers the full management features like access, identity, and security for cloud computing. Securing cloud applications, data, and networks is included in this certification. The certification exam cost is about $165 with 50 to 70 questions on it. The candidate needs to complete the examination within 120 min.


Overall, the Azure Certification has several certifications. Each level of certification contains a separate examination on it. For cloud computing technology, Microsoft develops a phase for everyone to acquire knowledge about the cloud. From essential to advanced levels of certification, the examination checks the capacity and knowledge of the candidate. 

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