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How to perform Umrah, Short Guide

As for the title, there came two diverse senses in the mind of the reader. The first is, ritual acts to perform during Umrah. Second is the way to adapt to reach the destination of Holy Har’ram. Both are two different yet interrelated topics, having a range of speech which could be made over. Starting with the performance of Umrah with the coordination of best umrah travel agency UK, Niyat or intention constitute a lot. As a pilgrim makes intention to go for the visit of Har’ram, the Holy house of Salvation. Allah, Itself makes the way ahead easy for him. In Islam, every deed is dependant over the intentions.

Umrah is based on the four basic pillars. These are Ahraam, Tawa’af, Sa’ee and Tahal’ul. Ahraam is the specific dress code which all the pilgrim wears during the performance of Umrah. Ahraam means a state of ritual purity. When a pilgrim wear Ahraam he/she is forbidden to do certain acts, self restraint from singing, forbearance to control the anger with and treating the companions improperly are some of those acts.

Taking a bath at or before Meeqat is considered highly preferable for men and women both. But there is nothing wrong if it is not possible at Meeqat. The specification of two white clothes as Ahraam is just for men alone and it is compulsive for them to wear at or before Meeqat, but woman are not required to use these two apparent as they can make intention with the ordinary clothing, but they are prohibited to wear veils. The two white clothes used by men as Ahraam are known as Izar and Rida. With arm the other thing constituting the intention of the pilgrim is Talbiyah. Talbiyah is the combination of verses highly appreciated by Allah, the Almighty. LABAYK ALLAHUMA LABAYK, LABAYKALA SHAREEKA LA LABAYK, INNAL HAMDA WANAYMATA LAKAWAL MULK, LA SHAREEKA LAKA.

Entering in Har’ram with the right foot is a Sunnah also. It is said that entering with low gears and upon reaching at the point near the Ka’aba raisin eyes and making a prayer for oneself as well as for others, is highly accepted and liked practice near Allah. Tawaaf e Ka’aba is the circular movement around the Ka’aba. Seven circles in anticlockwise movement, considering Hajr-e-Aswad the starting point, make your Tawaaf complete. Sa’ee is always made in the memory of the Hajra A.S and the Hazrat e Ismaeel A.S. Climb on the hill of Safa and Marwa until the Ka’aba became visible. The shaving of hair from the head is the last step of Umrah for the men, whereas, for women, it’s enough that they trim an inch of the hair length. Now it is the last step and Tahal’ul or taking off the Ahraam can be made.

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