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Are Used Honda Engines High Maintenance?

Over the years, Honda cars have reached millions of happy homes. It has achieved a feat that is difficult to match for other automakers. With the ever-rising number of Honda owners, it has also become easier for people to dump used/problematic vehicles.

However, it also leads people to assume that pre-owned auto parts like Honda used engines may be high maintenance and expensive.

In this write-up, we’ll discuss the maintenance drills and costs of used Honda engines.


Used Honda engines for sale typically have lower-than-average maintenance costs. It adds up to the reliability factor of Honda as being a Honda owner eliminates the painstaking process and expenses of maintenance & repairs.

Moreover, Honda engines are less likely to encounter severe problems, so owners have just periodic maintenance and service on their hands.


Average Maintenance Cost of a Used Honda Engine 

An old engine for sale with a warranty doesn’t mean you don’t need to care for it. If you buy an operational used engine and follow good driving habits, your engine’s maintenance cost will be significantly lower than average. For example, most Honda owners pay about $450 for annual maintenance, while the other car brands cost about $650 for the same services.


Factors that affect the maintenance cost:

  • Hondas are less likely to sustain severe damage and require extensive repair. It contributes to lower maintenance costs.
  • The replacement parts for Honda used engines are affordable and accessible.
  • Your maintenance practices, driving technique, road conditions, etc. also affect the maintenance costs. Thus, despite the actual maintenance costs being low, if you tend to neglect your engine troubles, you may have to spend more on your Honda-used engine.


Tips for Maintaining a Used Honda Engine

  • The primary tip to ensure optimum functioning of an engine is to keep a check on the engine oil – replace it, top it and monitor it regularly.
  • Like humans, cars also need some fresh air to work efficiently, So, make sure your engine is breathing properly by cleaning and replacing air filters whenever necessary.
  • Engine oil leaks are your biggest enemy as they can go unnoticed. A leak can cause severe damage to your engine and render it useless in no time. As an owner, it is your responsibility to pay utmost attention to oil leaks.
  • Many drivers tend to run their engine on reserve fuel for a long by topping it up just the minimum amount. This practice can harm your engine as it pulls junk into the engine.
  • The check engine light on your dashboard signals you whenever there is a possible issue uprising. So, do not ever ignore the check engine light if it is on.



If you are a potential buyer of a used Honda engine and maintenance costs are holding you back, we’d like to tell you that Honda engines are worth buying. These power-packed, efficient engines pair well with Honda’s tuned CVT automatic transmissions. The maintenance costs are lower than other automakers, which makes a strong case for Honda engines.

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