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A Comprehensive Checklist for Your Next Singapore Move!

You are super excited as you are going to be a resident of Singapore soon! You always loved the city and wanted to relocate there somewhere in the future. And, quite fortunately, with consistent planning and an optimistic approach, you qualified for a high-paying job with a company in the Republic of Singapore.

You are now all set for this anticipated, big change. You even spoke to a team of professional packers and movers in Singapore right from your home city, in India, and received quotes. Well, here is a quick advice we would like to share with you at this point. Be watchful of:

• The company you shortlist for your international move
• The experience, credentials, and license of the company
• The previous records that the mover has completed well
• The terms and conditions and risk coverage assistance
• The kind of packing and moving support it can provide
• The timeline, pricing, and additional charges involved

Though there goes a lot of evaluation and consideration when you are relocating overseas, the aspects we listed above would be some of the key things that would validate if your hired international mover is worth relying on or not.


Your choice of moving to Singapore could either be influenced by a personal decision or a professional requirement but if you know how to get it right, you will succeed in fulfilling it, like any other quickly-planned local move.

We have shared a bunch of ideas that you can reflect upon to make your move to Singapore favorable and fun!

• Find a solid ground for yourself – Finding a strong foothold in a country you know nothing about is a challenge in itself but the sooner you achieve it, the better would be your experience in the country. So, without wasting a minute, soon after you reach the destination, breathe a sigh of relief and do the needful. Prepare all the important papers you would need at your new workplace on the date of your joining. As Singapore offers incredible job opportunities, you can easily secure a new job in the country if you have moved there for a reason other than work. But do evaluate the available job options carefully before taking a call because you need to have a constant flow of money in your pocket as Singapore is quite expensive!

• Focus on the required documents – To relocate to Singapore easily, all you need to take care of is the paperwork folder that you prepare because there would be a lot of documents you would require to keep ready including the visa, passport, license, travel tickets, income proof, residential proof, employment document, etc. To avoid any kind of last-minute rush, you should organize your papers beforehand. Get the required papers photocopied so you can provide them to the authorities at the airport, station, or the cross-border agency if needed.

• Prepare visa; read regulations – The visa would be the first thing that you should keep in place when you are moving abroad. You should check out the regulations applicable to it on the internet and gather other relevant information related to visa procurement, its processing, and handling charges from any authentic website of immigration regulated by the Ministry of Singapore or Singapore Embassy or Singapore Consulate. That is the only platform where you will get the information that you need to know. Research about the different visa types and the one(s) that you should be applying for. Remember, visa formalities are quite long-drawn and would take way more than you know. So, start early.

• Save up enough to settle easily – It is not easy to relocate to Singapore unless you have your company backing you up for your living expenses, in the initial few months. So, either make sure you have enough to survive well in the foreign land or try to save up adequately so you do not face any financial qualms during or after your move to the country. Singapore is quite an expensive place to be in, as we already mentioned, so it is quite important to regulate your finances smartly so you have a reserve amount for any kind of exigencies. Lay out a proper monetary plan and also calculate your taxes, so you are clear about how much you will be left with after all the primary expenses you make in a month.

• Get into packing your stuff – As you will have a team of moving experts overseeing your move, you will not have any hassle. Just design a moving inventory by yourself so that you can keep a note of the items that you wish to move and the ones you plan to leave aside. Double-check the kind of packing materials that the movers bring to use for your packing task. Without making the cartons overtly heavy, focus on providing every article with adequate cushioning and secure the cartons adequately both from the inside and outside. Use labels to denote the correct category of items you have packed in each of your moving cartons and be present at the site while the movers are loading your cartons into the truck.

• Carefully tackle new tasks – Once you move to Singapore and eventually get into doing things, you should be extremely careful about the new projects or contracts you take up. Do not take up or acknowledge everything that comes your way. Say, for instance, if you are planning to purchase housing or even rent one in a new country, you should abide by the rules and regulations and other tenancy terms so you are not fooled by the market players. Check the payment terms and other relevant factors that can impact your stay in Singapore. On the work front too, you should avoid getting into any irrelevant company contract.

When you decide to relocate to Singapore, make sure you appoint a qualified team of movers and packers in Singapore that not only informs you of the necessary moving guidelines on time but also apprises you of the immigration procedures to make the move way easier for you, in every possible way.

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